Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your e-commerce packages and their prices?

Nlksoft E-Commerce System includes 5 different packages according to user needs. You can find Nlksoft E-Ticaret Package prices here.

Are There Annual Renewal Fees for Your E-commerce Packages?

Yes. The nlksoft E-Commerce System is renewed every year. Renewal fees vary according to each package.

Nlksoft E-Commerce Packages for the first year as a rental fee

100% of the UPDATED PACKAGE EXCLUDING VAT for the Nlk Bronze Package,

75% of the UPDATED PACKAGE EXCLUDING VAT for Nlk Silver Package,

60% of the UPDATED PACKAGE EXCLUDING VAT for the Nlk Gold Package,

40% of the UPDATED PACKAGE EXCLUDING VAT for the Nlk Platinum Package,

For the Nlk Utopia Package, 40% of the UPDATED PACKAGE EXCLUDING VAT is paid.

Will Our E-Commerce Site Be Mobile Compatible?

Yes. Nlksoft E-Commerce System is 100% mobile compatible. Theme designs in all our E-Commerce systems are responsive and compatible with all devices such as mobile, desktop or tablet.

Are Your E-commerce Packages SEO Compatible?

Nlksoft E-Commerce System is completely SEO Compliant. On your management panel, you can also manage many SEO areas on behalf of the product, category, e-commerce system.

How do we get support in the e-commerce process?

As Nlksoft, we walk with you in your E-Commerce process. Our support line is active 24/7, free of charge. You can reach us and get support from 0850 441 88 18 support line or nlksoft Live Support System.

What payment systems are available in Nlksoft E-Commerce System?

You can receive payments via Credit Card, Money Transfer System / EFT, Cash on Delivery and many payment systems such as PAYTR, Parampos, Iyzco. Thanks to our professional software team, we can be integrated into all payment systems.

I already bought a domain name. Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. You can use your own domain name and maintain your E-Commerce system from this address in case you make dns forwarding to Nlksoft.

Can I use more than one domain name in an E-Commerce System?

You can define 1 domain name as the main domain in your e-commerce system. However, you can direct as many domains as you want to your E-Commerce system.

Is XML Integration possible?

As Nlksoft E-Ticaret, we can provide XML Integration from your companies. Although we have XML Integration with many suppliers, we also quickly realize new XML Integrations.

Can I host your E-Commerce System on my own server?

No. Nlksoft E-Commerce Software is completely the software of the nlksoft software team, so it is not hosted in any area other than our own servers.

Can I upgrade a package?

Yes. In the Nlksoft E-Commerce system, you can only upgrade the package by paying the package difference. For this upgrade, you only pay the difference between the packages, you do not pay a new package price.

Is the SSL Certificate included in the packages?

Yes. 256 Bit SSL Service in Nlksoft E-Commerce Software is offered to you free of charge in your packages.