10 Mayıs 2021

Essential Elements for Success in E-Commerce

Essential Elements for Success in E-Commerce

With the increase in the place of trade in our lives, many virtual stores started to open as well as physical stores. However, now it is of great importance not only to open the virtual store but also to make the product management effective, to present the product to the user completely and accurately in e-commerce sales. In order to stand out among hundreds of e-commerce sites, it is necessary to bring the e-commerce site closer to the perfect level in line with the demands of the users. E-commerce software helps you to easily keep up with technology at this stage and to bring your store to the internet with high service quality in line with your requests. It is necessary to pay attention to certain factors to ensure success.

The most important element in an e-commerce site is of course the product. The purpose of e-commerce is sales and the focus of selling is the product. For these reasons, product management is extremely important in e-commerce sites. While promoting the product to the consumer, as well as detailed information, visually sufficient product content can be prepared and the product can be kept in mind. Comparison system between products can be offered to the customer as an option, this enables the customer to make a more accurate and effective decision about choosing between products. In order to use the product comparison feature effectively, paying attention to the detailed information of the product, price and discounted price information, and applying these features will increase the effect of the comparison feature.

One of the ways to be successful in e-commerce is to offer consumers discounts and campaigns. In this way, customers are provided to complete their shopping. Customers leave the cart less often and your sales potential increases. If we look at the statistics, 69 out of every 100 customers who complete their basket and come to the payment step, leave the site before completing their shopping for different reasons. You can prevent this by taking advantage of free shipping, product discounts, reminder mails, SMS and online advertising. Each of these methods will benefit you in terms of gaining new customers and completing your existing customers' shopping. Before investing energy in acquiring new customers, never forget this; There is a very serious audience that you brought up to the payment step but could not turn into successful sales, and you can recover them with very simple methods.


Discounts, campaigns or advertising alone may not be enough to increase sales. By offering special deals to your customers, you can invite them to shop on your system. Your customers may not subscribe directly to e-mail notifications. You can invite them to subscription with a special discount coupon, or you can invite them to subscription with a pop-up that appears on the site periodically. With these mails, you can inform your customers regularly and create a brand perception. This will increase your brand awareness. Increasing your brand awareness will provide you with more sales.

The use of social media is of great importance for any business to grow its brand. The product can be promoted with detailed images on social media and encouraged to buy the product easily and quickly without tiring the user. You can reach new audiences with advertising campaigns by using social media actively. At the same time, you can offer opportunities to your existing customers and increase your brand awareness in this way.

In addition to the promotion on social platforms, SEO studies are also one of the methods that can be used to appear at the top of the search engines in digital marketing studies and to highlight the brand. While doing these studies, determining the right words in the focus of the product sold, appealing to the right audience helps your potential customers find you easily in search engines.

Security is another important factor in e-commerce sites. If the customer knows that his data will be safe while shopping, he will continue to shop regularly from this site. You should choose alternative payment tools that you will offer to your customers and integrate them into your system. In addition, you can purchase a private security certificate through your software company and integrate it into the system so that credit card information is not stolen during your customers' shopping.


As a result, there are many options and methods to be successful in e-commerce. There is a very serious audience that you can turn into successful sales and it is up to you to reach that audience. What needs to be done here is to implement these methods in a correct and disciplined manner.