10 Mayıs 2021

How is Customer Satisfaction Achieved in E-Commerce?

How is Customer Satisfaction Achieved in E-Commerce?

Ensuring customer satisfaction has become one of the most important points in online sales. The focus of the work of every business that makes e-commerce is to make the customer happy. This is the only way to increase sales and traffic.

You can win happy customers with the right product, detailed and clearly entered information, regular tracking of shipping, payment and delivery processes. There are of course many strategies to gain customer satisfaction.

If we look at these strategies in detail;

The Effectiveness of the Product Page

The fact that the product page is complete and reliable is an important factor. Note that the customer may ask for information about a product such as multiple photos, detailed and complete descriptions, complete explanation of technical specifications, videos if good resolution pictures are required, information about usage, comments from other customers and linked products. If your product content is correct and uniform in all your sales channels, you will provide more traffic and sales.

You can read our article on this link for correct product management.

Give Importance to Your Customers' Ideas

Customers want to see what they care about. So if they want to declare an opinion about a product, they'll be glad to know they've been considered. Consider reviews that come before or after a product is sold. Make sure you have a space for comment on your product detail page and return to comments as much as possible. Taking comments into consideration is also important to put you ahead of your competitors. You can see and complete your shortcomings in this way.

You can also benefit from live support applications to stay in touch with your customers. The important thing here is that they can return quickly and quickly.

At the same time, you can send information messages to your customers who want to be informed about the campaigns by using the newsletter. That way, you stay in touch with the customer.

Describe Data Correctly

One of the most common reasons why customers are not satisfied or their shopping carts are abandoned the most is unexpected expenses in the payment process.

Information such as how much the shipping costs will be according to the user's address or the products purchased, what the estimated arrival time will be, or the prices to be reached for free shipping should be given to the customer during shopping. If the customer learns about these during checkout, it becomes very likely that the order will not be finalized.

Organize Special Offers For Your Customers

One of the most important ways to increase your prestige and brand value among customers is to offer special opportunities to your customers. For example, you can offer discount coupons to your customers on special dates such as birthdays or registration date on your site. Or you can still benefit from these coupons after a certain amount of shopping. In addition, you can inform the customer about his order instantly, ask for his comments, or even personalize these e-mails or messages and make the customer happy and keep the customer shopping from you.

Take Care of Your Customer Service

Stay in touch with your customers via phone, e-mail, live chat or social media. Open all possible communication channels to your customers and share it with them in your e-commerce system. Customer service quality is one of the most important factors for increasing the brand value of a company. If you provide incomplete or incorrect information to the customer, you will lose the customer and your brand will be damaged.

Expand your customer service up to 24 hours a day, based on the specifications of your products. If you show your customers that you are always available, this will give them confidence and you will gain a serious advantage in terms of customer satisfaction.