10 Mayıs 2021




What is a product

The product is a shaped merchandise that is grown and transported from one place to another. The product is normally placed on the market to generate economic income at certain prices. The product is obtained by hand or by technical tools. Business and industrialists prefer mass production methods because there is a big difference between the cost of a product that is made individually and the same product made in series.


Product design

The most important factor in e-commerce is the detailed description of the product and the product, which is at the focus of sales. Product management is extremely important and demands attention. An incorrect product photo or a badly taken image affects your company negatively. Because in the virtual environment, the first thing your users look at on the product is photography. A careful, high-resolution and well-taken photograph meets the expectations of the customer, as it can convey the information about the product to the customer much more easily. The more detailed information, description and clear photo you provide about a product, the higher your sales rate will be.

The photograph, which is one of the most important elements that define and visualize the products, must be in a certain resolution. For the web environment, it must have a resolution of 72 DPI. The DPI here is "Dot Per Inch", that is the number of points the screen will display per inch. Along with the resolution of the photo, its dimensions are also important. For example, if you upload a smaller photo in an area with a 300x300 pixel photo size, the system will try to enlarge it and fit it to the screen, which distorts the image and causes a bad image. Small size photos find it difficult to show the details of the product clearly. In addition, photos with a high size can slow down the page. Therefore, care should be taken to adjust the size of the photo correctly.

The photo should cover the product completely. When adding a product photo, you should use more than one photo, but your main photo should show the details of the product. In the first photograph, it should not be edited that will strangle or leave any accessory or product in the background. One of the important features when using photographs is that if the product has different colors, if it is made using more than one material, separate images of each must be added for detail information. Thus, the user can easily access detailed information about the product.

For a good product photo, the right light and the product should be the most prominent. The photographs of the products can be obtained in natural light, in a bright area. It should be possible for users to preview in detail while doing the review. There should be no different and mixed background in the product image. You can bring your product to the forefront and bring clarity with plain, plain and unobtrusive backgrounds. If photographing is to be done, it should be taken in the same background and similar light as possible.

Product Details

There are some points that need to be considered while giving information about the product. As an example to this;

Product title, which fully describes the product, with the branded model specified
Explanation of the features that clearly explain the product,
Correct product dimensions
Writing the price of the product clearly, if there is a discount, showing the old price with a cross
If the product is out of stock, it is closed for sale
Detailed notification of the product, usage method and details
Displaying products linked to the product or showing complementary products
You can create a product description by using the order as.

Brand Management

Brand equity is determined by consumer experiences and overall brand perception. Positive experiences and positive perception create a positive brand value.



Social Media and Seo

Visuals to be used in social media should be effective and attention-grabbing. By using only product-oriented images containing product information, it can be ensured that the targeted user group is remembered. With detailed information for the promotion of the product and a simple explanation with product discount information, if available, attention can be drawn to the product. The user can compare similar products and search for the desired product with the filtering option among other products. In this way, he can easily access the product he is looking for by taking advantage of similar options such as color, size and number of a product. The product can be sold by directing directly to the E-Commerce panel from the promoted social media accounts.

When searching in the search engine, keywords should be included in the text naturally. Customers need to find the products they're looking for, and often this happens through Google searches. Sometimes, even if the title alone is sufficient, well-prepared descriptions can increase the value of SEO work.