10 Mayıs 2021

How to Register ETBİS (Electronic Commerce Information System)?

How to Register ETBİS (Electronic Commerce Information System)?


Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBIS) is an information system created by the Ministry of Customs and Trade in order to register online sales (e-commerce) and to process e-commerce data information in one place and turn them into statistical results.

In order to make e-commerce companies accessible and to follow e-commerce statistics and to monitor the development process of electronic commerce, the Communiqué on Electronic Commerce Information System and Notification Obligations was prepared and entered into force on 11/08/2017 and the Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBIS) was created and It has been operational as of 12/2017.

Who Should Register to ETBİS?

Real and legal persons who comply with the definitions in the communiqué published in the official newspaper about ETBİS, which entered into force on 11/08/2017, must register with ETBİS before starting their activities.

Service providers operating in their own electronic commerce environment. (Those who sell with their own e-commerce site)
Intermediary service providers. (N11, Hepsiburada etc)
Service providers who are domiciled and do not engage in electronic commerce in the country, but who make a contract or receive an order through an intermediary service provider located abroad. (Trendyol, Amazon etc.)

What is the Information Required for Registration to ETBİS?

Again in the communiqué published in the official newspaper, for registration to ETBIS

MERSIS number and tax identification number for real or legal person merchants, T.C. identification number and tax identification number.
Mobile application and domain name in which electronic commerce or intermediation activities are carried out.
In other words, in order to register to ETBİS, you must register with the Chamber of Commerce of the province you are in.

How to Register to ETBİS?

1) The first thing we will do to register is to go to www.eticaret.gov.tr and click on the "ETBIS LOGIN" button in the upper right corner. With the login with e-government button opened under the button, we log in with the e-state login page.

2) After logging in with your E-state information, your business with a MERSIS number linked to your E-Government information will appear on the screen. From here, you can choose your business and continue by typing in the e-mail address and phone number. If you have a business that you have partially registered to ETBIS before, you can view the details from the OPERATION menu and complete the missing steps or add a new record with the add new record button on the top right.

3) At this stage, on the other hand, the platform on which you provide services, that you sell online; You should define the e-commerce site and mobile application information at this stage.

4) After entering the information, the subheadings that we need to enter are opened in the window that opens. Here, it states that the titles with an exclamation mark should be entered that are not entered yet.

5) After checking the information in all steps, we end the registration process by clicking the button in this step to complete your ETBIS registration. If you have more than one e-commerce site, a separate ETBIS registration is required for each site. You can register your other site or mobile applications by repeating the same steps by entering a new site address from the first adding service provider step.