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    İhtiyacınıza Yönelik Geliştirilebilir Yapı İle Kolay E-Ticaret Sistemi
    E-Ticaret sitenizdeki ürünleri özellik, kategori, abonelik, referansa göre sınıflandırabilirsiniz.
    Sosyal Medya Entegrasyonları ile ürünlerinizi sosyal medyada paylaşın.
    Tek bir tıkla ürünlerinizi Facebook, Google, İnstagram, Twitter gibi birçok sosyal medya hesaplarında paylaşın.
    Kampanya Yönetimi ile Sürekli olarak yenilenen kampanyalar sayesinde daha
    çok satış yapabilir ve çapraz satışlar ile ürün çeşitliliği artırılabilir.
    Pazaryeri entegrasyonları sayesinde marka bilinirliğiniz ve
    değeriniz artacak ve böylece daha fazla müşteriye ulaşmış olacaksınız.
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Nlksoft E-commerce Software

NLKSOFT e-commerce software is  fast, smart and user friendly  system. It is a software and information company that provides web design, programming and web-based software services to small and large customers from every sector.Due to the developing internet technologies, it has become inevitable to move product sales internation and e-commerce has become a very important event for companies today.


While the rate of use of cash in payments decreases every year in our country, the rate of use of innovative payment methods, especially credit cards, is increasing rapidly. Nlksoft is always with you with these innovative payment systems!

What are Online Collection Systems?

Online collection is the process of receiving payments by allowing companies to use their own payment systems to their dealers or customers.

Advantages of Nlksoft Online Collection System

It provides the convenience of receiving and making payments in cash or in installments.
It eliminates the use of


The system will be able to operate on the same kiosk for payment and ticket purchase, and it works in a versatile way.
The system will be active in the payment area not only as a kiosk, but also on mobile and web platforms. In this way, all payment and ticket purchase transactions will be carried out without being tied to a single area or platform.
The system will be designed in such a way that invoices previously registered on the payment mobile platform can be added as instructions and automatically


NLK Smart Bin was implemented with the aim of detecting the type of waste (paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc.) thrown into the garbage cans, giving warnings and giving information about the wastes that were thrown incorrectly, and "Creating Awareness of Children about Waste" for the wastes that were disposed correctly. a smart trash can project, which provides a congratulatory message if the type of waste is correct, gives a warning if the waste is incorrect, and informs about that waste, to educate children about waste and to provide necessary information, and

nlksoft E-Transformation

E-Transformation is the general name of the transactions that enable users to perform their transactions digitally. With nlksoft, we provide services to our users on E-Invoice, E-Archive, E-signature and many other platforms in the field of E-Transformation


The digital transformation process has now become a part of our social life. Now, instead of asking for a menu in retaurants, cafes and hotels, you can read a data matrix from our mobile phones. Wee see the menu without contact and give our orders through these menus. We, as nlksoft, provide high quality and fast service in QR Menu systems. 


One of the most important things for every business during the pandemic process is hygiene. Since QR Menu does not ewquire contact like the Classic menu, it has a

Nlksoft Sms System

Mobile phones and the internet are the best ways to reach people. Our Bulk Sms Panel, which brings these two together, provides  fast and economical communication bridge between the customer and the company. You can send sms to your customers from anywhere you are connected to the internet easily.

NLK BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ A.Ş has been serving all its customers with high performance power with its strong infrastructure and more than 14 years of experience. With the motto "If you do your job with love, you are in your life mission", we have achieved numerous successes together with our young, dynamic team of engineers and programmers who are experts in their fields.

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