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Proje Özellikleri

nlksoft olarak QR Menü sistemlerinde yüksek kalite ve hızla hizmet sağlıyoruz.

The digital transformation process has now become a part of our social life. Now, instead of asking for a menu in retaurants, cafes and hotels, you can read a data matrix from our mobile phones. Wee see the menu without contact and give our orders through these menus. We, as nlksoft, provide high quality and fast service in QR Menu systems. 


One of the most important things for every business during the pandemic process is hygiene. Since QR Menu does not ewquire contact like the Classic menu, it has a great advantage in terms of hygiene. Teherefore, using QR Menu in retaurants, cafes or hotels will have a positive effect on your customers.


Users can access the menus instantly bt scanning the QR Codes on the table and orders can be places without the need for the menu fetch process. In other words, QR Menus will work like a staff member and there will be no need for operations such as Menu fetch as in the Classic Menu.


In the classic menu, there are printing costs in parts such as price updates and renewals. In addition, there are additional costs in problems such as wear. QR Menus can be updated online instantly and it simplifies the menu update processes without any additional costs. In other words, updates can be made without the need for high printing costs in the Classic Menu.


With QR Menu, you can provide services in Restaurants, Cafes, Tea Grdens and Hotels. With QR Menu, the order process of your business will be shortened and the service quality will increase. As nlksoft, we continue to provide high quality service with the QR Menu system in the Digitalization Process!


nlksoft Good for Your Business!