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Proje Özellikleri

Nlksoft bu yenilikçi ödeme sistemleriyle her zaman yanınızda!

While the rate of use of cash in payments decreases every year in our country, the rate of use of innovative payment methods, especially credit cards, is increasing rapidly. Nlksoft is always with you with these innovative payment systems!

What are Online Collection Systems?

Online collection is the process of receiving payments by allowing companies to use their own payment systems to their dealers or customers.

Advantages of Nlksoft Online Collection System

It provides the convenience of receiving and making payments in cash or in installments.
It eliminates the use of physical POS devices.
It provides the opportunity to receive payments from any environment where the internet is available.
It saves time.
Thanks to the card storage service, it is possible to receive recurring payments.
It provides the opportunity to make cancellation and return situations from a single panel.
It provides advanced reporting and cost tracking ease.
Opportunity to receive payments with various payment system integrations.
Multi-Language Support
It provides the opportunity to collect in foreign currency. Besides TL, you can make collections in currencies such as USD and EURO.