Nlk Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. Corporate


NLK Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş was established 15 years ago and is one of the service providers of the Turkish E-Commerce software market. It is a software company that provides services in many areas such as E-Commerce - E-Export Software, Kindergarten Automation, Bulk SMS Systems, Content Management System, Online Appointment and Online Collection System with its staff of nearly 30 employees and 3 offices. It develops the most up-to-date technology in 3 separate R&D offices in Gaziantep and Istanbul.

Nlksoft has become a dealership in 2018 and has established a dealership network in many cities and countries in Turkey and abroad. In this way, it has become a domestic E-Commerce and E-Export infrastructure provider that opens to world markets. It has developed many E-Commerce projects since 2018.

Numerous meetings have been held with thousands of domestic and international customers and solution partners over a period of more than 15 years, and software developments have been made.

nlksoft develops its products with the awareness of how important the digitalization process is.

As nlksoft, the list of our products is below.

Corporate Web Site
E-Invoice and Other E-Transformation Products
Bulk Sms Systems
E-Collection (Online Payment System)
QR Menu (Online Menu)
Hairdresser Appointment System
Virtual Switchboard
NLKSOFT software is smart, fast, secure and user friendly. At the same time, it responds to the requests and expectations of all companies in a solution-oriented manner.


With the increasing technology, we see that commerce is now being replaced by E-commerce. Nlksoft E-commerce program helps you to easily keep up with technology at this stage and to bring your store to the internet with high service quality in line with your requests. In other words, it helps you to sell your product sales from your online store.

Nlksoft is a fast, smart and user-friendly e-commerce system. While it is inevitable to transfer product sales to the internet due to the developing internet technologies in the globalizing world, e-commerce has become a very important phenomenon for companies today.

E-commerce; advertising, sales, distribution and payment transactions of products and services, and transactions through online systems. In short, e-commerce; traditional trade is done on the web or mobile. E-Commerce is a business branch that has not only the concept of commerce, but also many world-class languages, especially business, technology and informatics. Today, it is a virtual store that is easy to establish and low cost, which adds strength to the power of many brands, keeping it from the most exclusive enterprise branches.

With the rapidly developing technology, interest in e-commerce continues to increase day by day. Remember that you have many competitors and don't be late to move your store to E-commerce. Nlksoft aims to serve you with high performance power in this regard.

Bulk SMS is the most important way to reach people today. The phenomenon of reaching customers gains importance day by day. Cell phones and the internet are ideal ways to reach people. Our Bulk Sms Panel, which brings these two together, provides fast communication between customers and companies for every sector.
You can easily send sms to your customers from any point you are connected to the internet. Thus, it increases your customer traffic by increasing your brand awareness.


With the increasing need for e-transformation processes, we have started to serve in these business processes by making our agreements in order to serve you better. We actively provide services in areas such as E-Invoice, E-signature, E-ledger and caps.






The corporate website is a website that distinguishes and separates you from your competitors, complies with your brand's communication strategy and makes your potential customers say "I should work with this brand". Our corporate website packages are designed in accordance with the logo of your company and in accordance with the corporate identity. Hundreds of companies in line with their goals and requests; We have provided a fast, easy-to-use, secure corporate website service.